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RUSSIA, 1917. Rivka Lefkovits, a bootmaker’s daughter, joins an all-female battalion, never suspecting the trials and mishaps that will take her thousands of miles from home. Based on actual events, this tale of loss and survival portrays the impact of the Great War on Jewish life, recreating a vanished world.

“ a compelling heroine, representing both the Jewish diaspora and the precarious politics of the time.” Publisher’s Weekly

“A must-read.” Baltimore Jewish Times

“Will interest Jewish and non-Jewish readers alike.” Historical Novel Society

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WHEN JESSIE FRIEDMAN DIES, her lover – Claire Bramany – uncovers hidden journals revealing Jessie’s long-buried secret of childhood sexual abuse. Shattered, yearning to reconnect with the Jessie she thought she knew, Claire sets out to find Jessie’s predator – and wreak revenge.

Even You is a profound work of literature….a gripping read from beginning to end.” Manhattan Book Review

“Solidly entertaining from first page to last.” Midwest Book Review

“Oser has a painterly way with words, and captures the complexities of her characters.” NetGalley

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ELEANOR SIMONS, a serious-minded young woman, has been serving as a nurse during World War I. When the fighting stops, she faces bleak prospects. Her fiancé, a fighter pilot, is dead. In Paris, where she now lives, a conference of delegates from around the globe is meeting to remake the maps of Europe, Asia and Africa. Their effort to create a peaceful world order is doomed; but through it, Eleanor grapples with the challenge of shaping a better future for herself.

“Steeped in historical fact, with a healthy dose of adventure.” Kiwi Book Advisor

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